‘Profound knowledge being shared in a very simple and engaging way.”

(Part 1 of a 7 part series on our inSPPECt methodology)

That's feedback from one of our students in the Focus On What Matters™ sales WORKshop this past weekend. I was both humbled and proud as we serve our clients daily in meaningful ways and drive sustainable sales growth.

In the workshop, we dissected and applied 6 attributes of the highest performing sales reps. We provided tools, examples and lessons to help our students build these 6 attributes. YOU can take the below actions and raise your sales game to be among the top performers!

  1. Mindset: Approach work with a scarcity mindset. View your actions and resources as investments. Don't waste them.
  2. Preparation: Approach work through the lens of an outcomes-based plan focused on maximizing the intersection of your Ideal Target Model, your unique differentiation and your prospects business pain.
  3. Value: Capture, create and articulate value from the prospect’s point of view and it's real business impact, not the perceived value derived from your products features.
  4. Execution: Truly separate yourself from the pack with flawless execution. Never lose sight of the Economic Buyer. Never miss a follow up. Don't do unimportant tasks, even when they seem urgent.
  5. MicroBrand: Manage your MicroBrand and make sure every first experience and ongoing interaction reflects the best of yourself, your company and your solutions.
  6. Social: Approach social with a specific plan and be intentional about why you ‘Share’, ‘Comment’ or ‘Like’. Be focused on the far reach of the second tier network.

The highest performers know how to Focus On What Matters. They do it every day.

They approach their work with the precision of a finely tuned swiss watch.

Like them, every Sales VP believes their organization growth plan is truly an integrated end-to-end approach. They assume everything is running with the same precision, like a fine Swiss watch.

In reality, it's more like an antiquated sundial where ‘hope’ is the strategy, instead of a well thought out plan.

There's a tragic impact to not having an integrated end-to-end sales approach. It kills growth silently, and goes unnoticed for years.

What are the symptoms? While there are many, here's a short list we see plaguing many teams:

  • Inconsistent rep behavior
  • Poorly defined target markets
  • Unclear unique differentiation
  • Spending time on poorly qualified opportunities
  • Poorly defined or implemented sales process
  • Sales team style poorly aligned to the buyer’s journey
  • Execution is inconsistent and poorly monitored
  • Lack of intentional plans that proactively adjust to market forces

The symptoms, unfortunately, go on and on. Often undetected until the market moves past you and your team.

The result: Destructive inefficiency that unnecessarily hampers your growth, most of which could be minimized or completely avoided.

Great news! In the same way we help sales reps understand and apply the habits of top performers, Span the Chasm helps sales organizations fix the flaws preventing teams from driving sustainable sales growth.

The inSPPECt™ Sales Assessment:

A methodology that solves this critical problem.

As a 5 stage process, the inSPPECt™ Sales Assessment is a methodology using a full lifecycle approach to drive sustainable growth.

  • It starts by assessing the SALES STRATEGY to make sure it's cross-functional and sound; clearly mapping the target market along with the behaviors and goals.
  • From there it defines the most efficient PROCESS for acquiring customers, focusing on steps to success and the tech stack and tools being used.
  • Only then does it define the ideal PERSONNEL for the effort, avoiding a common mistake of hiring before the requirements are known.
  • Once the personnel are in place and enabled, EXECUTION takes over and aligns all activity around the 5 questions that must be answered: problem, scope, importance, solution source and closure.
  • No process works without ongoing CONTINUITY, the phase that finalizes the elements of the inSPPECt™ Sales Assessment process.

Over the next 6 posts, we'll develop each key step to begin you on a journey. A journey that drives sustainable growth. Next post: SALES STRATEGY

Don’t take our word for it. Read how inSPPECt™ helped Stacy Henry, CEO of Big Nerd Ranch:

"Span the Chasm's inSPPECt Assessment process gave us clear visibility and insight into gaps in our sales process that we suspected but didn't have clear line of sight on. Now that we have gone through it, we are in mid-implementation with the recommendations they made and are already seeing great results.  Laser focused and spot on. THIS is a Great process!"

In the meantime, while you wait for next week’s post, Contact us to learn how we can help YOUR organization with inSPPECt™

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Randy is President and Co-Founder of Span the Chasm, a firm focused on driving sustainable sales growth for companies and sales teams. He’s a seasoned Sales Master, with 28 years of success in Sales and Product Management, Consulting and Training.