Nothing Is More Important Than Driving Sales Growth

SHARP_039_Laura_Color_2-150x150‘The best way to drive sales growth is to make an investment in your sales team. Recently, Sharp invested in our sales team by providing sales training that is the basis for transforming how we support and sell with our dealer network. To create a common approach, SHARP is providing access to the same training program for our valued dealer partners. This will help us both grow and reach our collective goals more efficiently. I am glad to introduce this program to you and trust that you will take advantage of this. It is so important that we are allowing co-op funds to be used for this. Enjoy!

Laura Blackmer
SVP Sales, Sharp Electronics

Working with Span the Chasm , we are making the programs that we have all recently gone through available to you and your team to help us all drive sales growth :

LEAD Sales Workshop: This highly engaging sales workshop focuses on building skills such as:

  • Be a Trusted Partner: Use Trust, Credibility and Rapport to be a Trusted Partner for your customers. Take an Other Centered approach to selling creating tighter alliances with your customers.
  • Build a truly Unique Positioning Statement: Communicate with your prospects in a way that connects with their priorities and initiatives.
  • Engage: Begin the process with prospects in a way that increases receptivity to new thinking and ideas.
  • Discover: Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the discovery process, aligning to your prospects most important plans and problems.
  • Build Value: Move customers to action by building value in a way that differentiates and highlights your unique market value.

CATALYST Sales Management Workshop: CATALYST provides the training and the tools for your leadership team to:

  • LEAD your teams: Ensure team members embrace strategy and are intrinsically motivated to change. Clarify and Inspire
  • MANAGE your teams: Ensure team members are accountable to your defined process and critical activity metrics. Measure and Report
  • COACH your teams: Ensure team members develop to their full potential. Diagnose and Develop

These programs can be delivered either onsite at your facility or at centralized locations being set up so that dealers with less sales reps can take advantage of this as well. All of our dealer partners are important to us at Sharp.

Sharp is allowing co-op funds to be used for this, making this available to all who are interested at Sharp’s pre-negotiated rates. Sharp co-op reimbursement can be claimed through our standard co-op claim procedure which is now available on-line at Please include the program description with a copy of the invoice and proof of payment when submitting your claim. Only the program itself may be claimed through co-op for this sales training, T&E is not eligible.

Ultimately, these programs will help your team to:

  • Increase average order dollar amount
  • Shorten sales cycle time and
  • Improve opportunity close rates

It is your decision whether or not to take this journey with us but it is my desire for all of our partners to take advantage of this program. Please reach out to Span the Chasm to have a conversation to determine what makes the most sense for you and your team using this form:

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