STC’s Services: Designed to Drive Sustainable Sales Growth

circle-newlogoSpan the Chasm’s Services are focused on driving sustainable sales growth.  Period.

At STC, we know that customized methodology, trained and re-enforced, is the best path to achieving your goals. Everything that we do is:

  • Built around a repeatable approach backed by years of experience
  • Delivered from the heart to drive results.

Our approach keeps you in control throughout the engagement.  You can go as far as you want with Span the Chasm.

Results: Impact that stands up over time.  Impact that drives sustainable sales growth – faster and more efficiently.

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inSPPECt Without Best Practices, your team is artificially hampered

FOCUS: InSPPECt™ is a Span the Chasm methodology based on a connected, five-stage process that takes a full lifecycle approach to driving sustainable sales growth. It’s a framework for the key elements that must be in place and running to truly have the highest possible market impact.

One time consulting
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A strong Foundation is required to build a high performing sales team

FOCUS: Front end, funnel management processes. Building the Ideal Target Client model, Profiling, Building Buyer and Contact Personas, Effective Call Prep, Prospecting and Qualification.

1 Day Classroom

Good science is the basis of good selling

FOCUS: Opportunity Management. Builds an effective sales process that answers the 5 key questions in a sales engagement (Discovery, Scope, Go/No Go, Vendor Validation and Neg & Close). Additionally, it builds a strong opportunity hygiene tool to remove the guess work out of moving an opportunity to closure. This class teaches 'What a sales rep should do.'

1 Day Classroom

Great art makes for great selling

FOCUS: Grow the sales team to achieve high level sales competencies. It is the basis for transforming your team in to Consultative Partners vs pure Sales Reps. It builds the 1:1 skills of Engagement for increase client receptivity, permission based Discovery, Building value that moves the prospect to Action and Advancing an opportunity in a way that makes sense for the prospect. This class teaches 'How the sales rep can do it better.'

2 Day Classroom



Great Sales Managers transform sales teams

FOCUS: The 3 functions of sales management: Lead, Manage and Coach. LEAD focuses on aligning sales rep personal goals to corporate plans. MANAGE focuses on the key activities and processes that will truly drive productivity, not the noise. COACH focuses on diagnosing and developing your sales reps, one skill at a time. These 3 elements provide the basis for sales managers to transform how their reps and teams sell and produce.

2 Day Classroom

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IGNITE Growth isn't an event, it is an ongoing process

FOCUS: Monthly 1:1 executive coaching keeps the momentum for growth going. Key areas: rep recruiting and retention, compensation modeling, territory management, expansion planning and ongoing leadership development.

1:1 Ongoing Executive Coaching
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CONNECT You only get one chance to make a good impression

FOCUS: Phone skills to improve first call engagement. Techniques for engagement, getting to/thru PBX, call cadence and content. Connect more and get more first meetings.

1 Day Classroom
PRESENT Great presenters move audiences to action

FOCUS: Excellent presenters speak less and are 'heard' more. Build presentation skills, both construct and technique, to engage your prospects better and move them to action.

1 Day Classroom
NEGOTIATE Replace Conflict with Consensus

FOCUS:     Build confidence and transparency into the negotiation process to remove the conflict. Tools to assess your risk and probability of winning.

1 Day Classroom