Our Clients are Span the Chasm’s best commercials

Who engages StC?

While Span the Chasm focuses on Technology Sector companies that are either ISVs or Systems Integrators/Resellers, we have clients in almost every market sector.  These companies are typically between $5 – 50M in annual revenue.

What do they have in common?

They all are interested in achieving a sustainable growth model and the elusive goal of the ‘Next Phase’.  For a variety of reasons – lack of focus, experience or resources – barriers to achieving the ‘Next Phase’ are in place.  Poor execution at this critical juncture WILL limit growth.

Span the Chasm’s unique Prescriptive and Procedural approach eliminates these barriers, helping you achieve sustainable growth.

biotix-300x123 “Working with and Span the Chasm has been fantastic. Biotix brought in StC because we did not have a sales process that helped our reps efficiently navigate and align value to our prospects. They took time to understand our business, went on sales calls with our reps, refined our value alignment, built an optimized sales process for our reps and trained them on it.
StC continues to stay in touch with our reps to reinforce the skills learned during the Sales Workshop. It was great to work with a company that was so intensely focused on our success. We are already planning other ways to leverage the skills of StC. They have truly become part of our team.”
 contactsolutions-300x162  “Methodology matters. The approach of viewing customer acquisition as supply chain management was new to us but had big impact. This approach helped us take a more focused, lifecycle view of capturing revenue. The approach was very methodical and focused on getting all of the right components identified, aligned and executed to help us break in to and penetrate the enterprise market. The approach and methodology is spot on.”
visual-networks1  “We re-launched our product Visual UpTime to make it more flexible to buy.  However, we needed help developing a plan to reach out to our old, out of maintenance customers.  Because of our complex sales model, we did not have accurate end-user information to aggressively go after our embedded base. StC came in, rolled up their sleeves and attacked this problem.  As a result, we were able to effectively upgrade many of our old customers.  Without  StC’s  help, these are sales we would have not gotten!”
 realops  “We were at a point where we needed to enable our sales teams and get them all operating with a uniform method of operation.  StC helped us to build a prescriptive sales execution model that enabled RealOps to improve our field execution.  This drove and improved our value delivery process.”
 nfrsecurity_logo-300x48  “Span the Chasm approached our need for an invigorated channel first by listening to our description of the problem, then listening to our partners description of the problem and then listening to our customers description of the problem.  After that, they crafted programs that took into account the entire channel sales continuum for this effort, making sure that every piece was in place before launch.  It was not some ‘standard’ program.  It was a refreshing approach to an old problem at NFR.  Clearly, they had the understanding and skills to make this work.”
HarveyCedars  “Span the Chasm’s Coach service has been incredibly valuable to me. As the head of the conference on a limited budget, we have lots of hard decisions to make. Personnel, programs, etc. Span the Chasm has helped us find the right answers and coached me on execution. The advice and accountability made all the difference. They are truly a trusted advisor.”
 newsflash_logo1  “I have been to a lot of sales training. This is the best course I have ever been through.”
 over-60-logo2-e1412278915395 (1)  “As a manager, I believe MIFIS will help me manage my team better and help them be more successful. I have been through multiple training classes and this was the best I have encountered!”
3.5"x2" Business Card Template  “Amazing job using relevant applications for these skills. Fantastic energy. Down to earth and a great trainer. He was patient to make sure all understood.”
 logo “It helped me regain some direction that I had lost. It is easy to start looking at numbers instead of people. I am grateful to have a better focus after the Other-Centered training.”
static1.squarespace.com_  “Working with Randy as a partner in Odin’s growth has been great. Span the Chasm invested in really understanding our business, my team and where our gaps were. That turned in to onsite training that absolutely has changed the way the team is going to market with our prospects and clients. We are now in the ongoing follow up phase where he is leading our team through review and exercises to drive adoption of new behavior and skills to really happen. He is focused on and committed to our success. A great partner!”
 f8c57bd7-16e2-4e86-a401-3c931c05c023  “Working with Randy as a partner on my growth as a sales leader has been a real treat. He consistently brings me back to focusing on driving sustainable sales growth, causes me to think differently than I normally do and brings his rich experience to each of our meetings. We have made real progress this year because of my work with Span the Chasm.”
 logo.jpg  “I walked out of the two day seminar a lot smarter than I went in. I learned in each module that I can put to use each day. You kept the entire class engaged and attentive. Great job!”
 trackmaven-logo  “As Track Maven has moved forward on our journey of selling with excellence, Span the Chasm has been there every step of the way. Whether through competent and passionate development and delivery of sales training or working with our sales reps 1:1. They are truly a key part of our team and are committed to our success. I would hire them again in a minute!”
SPS-Logo-jpg  “Randy/StC knows how to help a company drive sustainable sales growth. We were building a new Inside Sales Team and StC started by making sure that they understood our business, current sales processes and goals. The content that they customized for SPS was ‘on point’ and was delivered with experience and passion. The follow up sessions built in to the program are focused on driving adoption and helping our team in the areas of highest impact. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to jump start a new sales team. They ‘get it’!”
 55b7caa76b5b5.image_  “Very impressive. I left with tools that will improve my effectiveness as a manager.”