About Us

What do we do?

I started Span the Chasm on one core belief:

Nothing is more important than driving sustainable sales growth

Many companies want sales growth but don’t have the skills, methodology or experience to achieve it. We provide an expert hand to help you reach the goal. Because of that, our mission is simple:

Help you drive sustainable sales growth. It is all we do.

Our understanding:

  • We know that being an effective sales leader is hard.
  • We know that sales teams need customized training to be effective.
  • We know that sales teams must be inspired to sell with purpose.
  • We know that a well thought out plan must be in place for long term change to occur.

We have been through all of these and will leverage our experience for your benefit.


Our vision for you:

Your team …. selling effectively and with purpose…. using the right methodology and processes…. trained and re-enforced …. supported by the entire company …. Driving Sustainable Sales Growth.

We transform how companies sell.

  1. Sales Assessments: Define sales performance gaps and develop a plan to correct them.
  2. Sales Workshops: 1 hour targeted sessions designed to address specific skills and competencies.
  3. Sales Training: Multi-day training that is customize to take your team to a new level of performance.
  4. Sales Executive Coaching: Work with sales leaders to provide the skills and accountability to grow their team.
  5. Sales Launch Pad: Every team needs a shot of adrenaline. This service gets them energized and re-aligned to the key objectives.
  6. Customer Acquisition Supply Chain Management: A methodology that drives change across every aspect of the sales process, from beginning to end.

Everything we do is designed to address the highest impact areas within your current sales execution process to drive sales growth.

  • We build on our experience and deliver from the heart.
  • We capture common sense and turn it in to common practice.
  • We design to drive your profits, not just to build process.
  • We make your goals the center of everything we do.

Customization is required to truly change behavior.
Our Assess, Prescribe and Execute process is the foundation for our customization for your team and it is built on:

  • Executive workshops
  • Ride alongs
  • Interviews
  • Personnel assessments
  • Focus groups
  • Process reviews
  • Sales tools assessments

Delivery that lights up the audience makes a difference.

Our programs are delivered from the heart. They are filled with energy, interaction, multi-media and experiential tools to make the highest impact.

Ongoing re-enforcement drives adoption.

All of our programs have multiple re-enforcement components built in to them; webinars, manager training, coaching cadence, dashboards, emails, etc. Re-enforcement is the key to adoption.

Our programs drive sustainable sales growth because they are customized for you, delivered in a way that sticks and have ongoing re-enforcement built in.

You deserve 100% focus on achieving your goals.

We commit to:

  • Do what we said we were going to do,
  • The way we said we were going to do it,
  • When we said we were going to do it.

A simple promise that drives us to meet your goals.

We know what you are going through

We have years of experience as small business owners. We have worked in startup companies. We have held advisory roles for investors. We have faced the challenges that confront you every day. Through this experience, we have developed a repeatable approach that drives sales growth for the companies that we serve.

Companies like yours.

Does it work?

Our Experience

  • Built and grown successful high-performance organizations
  • Run Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Product Marketing, Business and Corporate Development
  • Driven Process Management and Optimization
  • Managed companies from start-up through high-growth phase to IPO/acquisition
  • Partners in Angel funds

Our Expertise

  • Market and Solution Value Analysis
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Sales Alignment, Process Design and Acceleration
  • Sales Motion Analytics and Predictive Planning
  • Compensation Strategy, Design and Optimization

If this resonates with you, please look around, download and contact us at your convenience.